Why I was inspired to start a small business!

I wanted to start this inspiration page/blog by sharing why I started this rental company!

   About 2 years ago I started planning my own wedding and had so many ideas of how I wanted it to look. I ran into a slight problem when I started searching for decor rentals! Here in Whatcom County we really didn't have that many places where you could rent unique items, its either the basics or outrageously expensive.

    I really think this is the reason brides buy their wedding decor instead and eventually sell it to others getting married (which can be difficult). Anyways, I was one of those brides that decided to buy a lot of my own decor! On this little journey of searching for just the perfect items I realized how much I loved it... not just buying decor but putting together table settings, decor, signage and making sure everything fits well together. I actually was a little scared the day before our wedding that everything would clash, (worst feeling ever) know this didn't happen! During the planning portion of our wedding I did have thoughts of renting my items out in the back of my head, but was not sure if I would really pursue it.  So we got married July 21, 2016 and than that winter I decided to start a Facebook and Instagram page to promote what I had, and from there on it turned into a little business that I am so passionate about now! I wanted to also share that I'm trying to be affordable... so that all brides with either no budget or super tight budget are able to rent some of my items! It seriously adds so much when you add unique signs, or candle holders or even a simple backdrop. I'm obsessed with little details!

Below are a couple photos from our wedding! Im still so in LOVE! Feel free to browse! 

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my first post! 

Photos: Hatch Photography / Florals: Seven Sister Designs / Rentals: CORT and Rustic Glam / Wedding Planner: Added Details / Venue: Pacific Growers. Thanks to my gracious parents, we were able to use the family greenhouse as our venue.